When living in our homes we all have different feelings that we want to achieve.  For many people, they want to have a clean home that looks lived in and they don’t have to fear breaking something when moving around.  For others, they want to have a high class look to show their prestige and status in life.  For these people, they typically choose hardwood floors over carpet.

Decide on your look

You need to decide on your look.  Many people want to have a room that looks clean, bright and inviting.  They want people to feel comfortable when entering their home and they can do this by deciding on an overall look.

The overall look of your home should express your intent.  If your home is bright and inviting, then you are going to be someone that likes to entertain and enjoy life.  If your home is darker more sullen, then you like to spend time alone or only invite other that share your views and life status inside.

There is no right or wrong way to decide on a look.  The only real requirements are that it fits your personality and desire. 


The next item you want to look at is your comfort level.  You want to be comfortable when you enter your home.  You want to brush away the harsh feelings of the day, let the stress of the world around you dissolve and allow the world that you have created in your home take over.  If you can do this, then you have created the perfect environment.

Have your own space

hardwood floors

You want to have your own space that no one will enter. This can be a room or a section of your home that you will use and go to when you want to center yourself into your universe.  Make sure that you do this and everything else will fall into place.

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